Flower Sale

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Thanks to everybody who helped arrange the roses on Thursday and Friday! We really appreciate the help and we couldn't have got them all done without you. And thanks to Katie Hume for the great idea :) We sold at all four shows of "Words Within the Movement" and ended up selling all the flowers! We made 250 dollars - 125 of which will be donated to Envision Dance. We're really glad this was so successful and we'll definitely try and do it again. Hopefully next time we'll organize it earlier and get some people to help us sell as well, which was actually really fun! Thanks again, see you on Wednesday!

Check out photos of the event!

January 15th Ecoclub Update

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Meeting on January 12th:

We discussed the ongoing E-Waste Drive, the upcoming flower sale, and our recycling program. Our next meeting will be on THURSDAY January 20th. We will be assembling the roses for our flower fundraiser on Thursday and Friday. We will also need volunteers for selling the flowers before, during and after each show both days at 4 and 7. If you know you'll available to volunteer for a show then please email us and let us know! We'll also have a sign up sheet at the meeting and you can let us know then. Hope you can make it!

E-Waste Drive:

Thanks CCA for recycling your EWASTE!! Ecoclub was super happy to see all the stuff you brought in. :)keep being eco-friendly! We are recycling all the electronics this weekend, the specifics are below. Thanks to everybody who participated.

Read the article about it in CCA Pulse Online!! ;

Have a great three day weekend!

Here is a list of everything that was collected:

6 Printers

2 Fax Machines

5 Computers/Laptops

6 Clocks

1 Microwave

7 DVD Players

24 Ink Cartridges

15 Phones

6 Remote Controls

1 Gaming Consol

2 Answering Machines

47 Cables

3 Mice

4 Monitors

4 Radio/Alarm Clocks

2 Speakers

4 Keyboards

1 Car Battery Charger

75 CDs

1 Camera

270 Floppy Disks