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First Meeting!

Posted by CCA Ecoclub on November 5, 2011 at 8:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Hey everybody!

Our first meeting of the year is THIS Wednesday, November 9th in Ms. Slijk's room - C202. Come get some free food and find out what Ecoclub is all about! We'll be reviewing what happened last year, discussing our plans for this year, and getting to know each other! Feel free to drop by and see if you like our club or not - hope to see you there!

Recycling Bin Painting!

Posted by CCA Ecoclub on March 5, 2011 at 12:33 AM Comments comments (0)

Thanks to everyone who came to paint the recycling bins today (16 total). Together, we painted 10 bins! We will be adding the new bins around campus sometime next week. We really appreciate all of your artistic talent, especially the DFA members who came to assist us. Hope to see you Sunday and thanks again! Pictures are up!

March 2nd Meeting

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We have a busy weekend ahead of us! On Friday after school, we will be painting the recycling bins near the lunch tables until 5. On Sunday, starting at 2, we will be working on the Ashley Falls garden until 4 or 5. Be sure to bring gloves, gardening materials like shovels, a bucket you don't mind getting dirty and a strainer that you don't mind getting dirty if you have one. Also, bring any old newspapers.

BAG IT COMMITTEE: We divided up tasks - bulletin/video (Dana), Facebook (Kelly), posters (Troy), 2nd Period Announcements (Helen), and recycling research (Gabby). Please have your tasks completed and emailed before Tuesday.

February 16th Meeting

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At today's meeting we discussed all of our upcoming events (see previous post for more information!). The Bag It Committee met and discussed ways to advertise for the film. We are currently booking the Proscenium for March 21st and our application to purchase the rights to show the film has been approved! There is still time to get involved though - send us an email if you'd like to help out with the committee!

Ecoclub is officially participating in the upcoming Amazing Club Race! Megan and Ashley have volunteered to be our representatives : ) They will be playing the week of March 7th to try and win $150 for Ecoclub. So make sure to come and check it out that week and cheer them on!

We hope to see you on Monday at noon at Ashley Falls for the gardening community service opportunity!

Upcoming Events

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So we have several events coming up that we are going to need you help with. Just to let you know, we are logging your volunteer hours, so if you want a copy of your hours for a resume or something, we can print it for you and have either Ms. Slijk or I sign it.

FEBRUARY 21st (2-3 hours, come for however long you can) - As a community service project, I am planting a native/xeriscape garden at Ashley Falls. I need help weeding and removing a pond. I will give you more information on the time, depending on when you are available.

MARCH 4th (1-2 hours, come for as long as you can) - Painting the recycling bins after school. This is tentative, because I need RSVPs. Let me know if you can come.

MARCH 14-18th (3-4 hrs, at lunch every day that week) - The Amazing Club Race is a series of games that are played at lunch. Its actually really fun, and you can ask Yenny about it, she did it last year. You could win up to $150 for our club. We need 2 volunteers! First email, first serve.

February 9th Meeting

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We talked about the Amazing Race (we need two volunteers, email Ecoclub if you are interested!) and when to paint the recycling bins. We also took care of recycling.

The Bag It Committee met. Thank you Yenny and Troy for stepping up to the lead the Proscenium booking and to Gabby and Helen for helping out! They will have information about its availability by Friday.

There is a beach clean-up in Encinitas on Moonlight Beach on February 19th for those who are interested. For more info, check out the website

We want to start an Earth Week and a Del Mar Fair Garden Committee, and discuss the basic design for the Del Mar Fair Garden (the theme is cars and we are thinking of welding things for the garden out of car parts).

January 26th Meeting

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We had a guest visitor, Deb Sandler, who presented the movie "Bag It". We will be assisting her in getting the film shown at CCA, probably on a school night in the Proscenium in late February or early March. For more info, check out the site:  If you are interested in joining the committee to help her, please email me. Thanks to those who volunteered! We will be contacting you with further information soon.

We also discussed the best times to do events and came to the conclusion that weekends are the most compatible with everyone's schedule. Hopefully, we will be painting the recycling bins soon (though that will probably be an after school on Friday event)

Ms. Slijk talked a little about the Del Mar Fair Garden (every year we enter a native/xeriscape, low water, eco-friendly garden in the Del Mar Fair) and building or purchasing recycled planter pots that we could plant on campus near the Nest, take to the fair and then bring back to the school campus permanently.  

Other potential events: Earth week in April, starting a voting referendum to get recycling mandatory in schools, composting in the Nest

We've got a lot of events coming up so think about what you would like to be involved in! They cannot happen without your help and we promise, we will have loads of fun! (:

Flower Sale

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Thanks to everybody who helped arrange the roses on Thursday and Friday! We really appreciate the help and we couldn't have got them all done without you. And thanks to Katie Hume for the great idea :) We sold at all four shows of "Words Within the Movement" and ended up selling all the flowers! We made 250 dollars - 125 of which will be donated to Envision Dance. We're really glad this was so successful and we'll definitely try and do it again. Hopefully next time we'll organize it earlier and get some people to help us sell as well, which was actually really fun! Thanks again, see you on Wednesday!

Check out photos of the event!

January 15th Ecoclub Update

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Meeting on January 12th:

We discussed the ongoing E-Waste Drive, the upcoming flower sale, and our recycling program. Our next meeting will be on THURSDAY January 20th. We will be assembling the roses for our flower fundraiser on Thursday and Friday. We will also need volunteers for selling the flowers before, during and after each show both days at 4 and 7. If you know you'll available to volunteer for a show then please email us and let us know! We'll also have a sign up sheet at the meeting and you can let us know then. Hope you can make it!

E-Waste Drive:

Thanks CCA for recycling your EWASTE!! Ecoclub was super happy to see all the stuff you brought in. :)keep being eco-friendly! We are recycling all the electronics this weekend, the specifics are below. Thanks to everybody who participated.

Read the article about it in CCA Pulse Online!! ;

Have a great three day weekend!

Here is a list of everything that was collected:

6 Printers

2 Fax Machines

5 Computers/Laptops

6 Clocks

1 Microwave

7 DVD Players

24 Ink Cartridges

15 Phones

6 Remote Controls

1 Gaming Consol

2 Answering Machines

47 Cables

3 Mice

4 Monitors

4 Radio/Alarm Clocks

2 Speakers

4 Keyboards

1 Car Battery Charger

75 CDs

1 Camera

270 Floppy Disks




January 5 Meeting - Beach Cleanup on the 8th!!!

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Happy New Year Ecoclub members!

We will be attending a beach cleanup this Saturday, January 8th.  If anyone needs a ride then contact us as soon as possible, you will most likely need to meet us at CCA.  Here is the info:


January 8th 2011

Encinitas - Swami's Beach

Meet by the top of the steps to the beach

9 to 11AM

IMPORTANT: All volunteers are welcome to participate and must sign a liability waiver, but volunteers under 18 MUST have a parent or guardian sign the waiver before the minor can participate.  Here it is:

If you are late and can't find us then call Amy's number, we sent an email with it.

We also talked about the EWASTE drive this week and continuing next week, and the possible selling of flowers at the dance show.

We hope to see you on Saturday!